Should You Consult A Dog Bite Attorney?

A dog is the best friend of a man and can offer lots of love as well as companionship, but remember even the most peaceful dogs can damage property or cause personal injuries.

In case your dog bites anybody, or your pet or you were injured by dog of someone else, then you may need help of a dog bite attorney.

As the applicable laws may vary from state to state, only a local attorney for dog bite can tell you if you have legal claim, potential extent of the liability, types of defenses can be utilized, and also the possible dog bite case’s monetary and legal consequences.

What should I do if I am injured by dog?

If someone’s dog has bitten you then following options are with you:

  1. You can pursue a claim from the insurance company of the dog owner.
  2. Hire dog bite attorney who can be helpful to deal with the insurance company and use his knowledge and experience in order to negotiate for a fair settlement.
  3. Also, you can file lawsuit against the owner of the dog or caretaker to claim for damages.

In certain states, you will not only claim for dog bites but also for all other type of injuries.

Proving liability in dog bite case

How much you can hold liable for dog bite injuries usually depend on the respective state’s laws and also the strength of the case.

In general, dog owners have following responsibilities:

  1. Dog owner must protect others from any harm caused by his dog.
  2. Owners also must obey the local leash statutes and laws which create liability for all those who keep dangerous animals.
  3. In few states, besides dog owner, other people may also be held responsible for injuries e.g. parents of minor dog-owner, animal caretakers, property owners, landlords etc.

Potential defenses in dog bite case

Potential defenses may differ in dog bite case based on laws of the state, but few common arguments that opponent dog bite lawyer may employ are the following:


Trespassers have some legal protection therefore you may have to prove that the dog bit you while you were in place that is legally allowed.


This is another common defense employed by dog owner because the injured party provoked the dog prior to biting.

3.Contributory negligence

In case, the dog owner provided sufficient warnings about their dog, and if you have disregarded them then this may either reduce or totally eliminate your right to recover damages.

Only an experienced attorney can make proper arguments based on the law of the state.

Contact dog bite attorney

You may either be pursuing dog bite lawsuit against someone or maybe defending against one, consequences can be very significant.

Based on the local jurisdiction, successful lawsuit may result in awards which will cover lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and also punitive damages.

To know which laws, defenses and damages will apply in your situation is difficult. In case, you are involved in such situation then you must contact certain experienced attorney for dog bite in your area.