Make Your Halloween Party Spectacular with These Creative Ideas

The period of 1980s was the time categorized by epics, poor fashion choices and teen movies. Halloween 2017 was the ideal time to revive the 1980s look. We have compiled a list of creative ideas of 1980’s for your Halloween party ideas. All these ideas are very easy to implement so that it becomes a memorable night. All you need is to select a theme from movies, pop culture, music, drinks, and food.

Madonna Madness Party

Throwing a 1980s Madonna theme-based party is a great idea for Halloween 2017. The best part is this idea is not just interesting but also super easy. All you need is to ask all to get dressed in Madonna’s iconic 80’s Halloween costumes and appearance. Play Madonna’s 1980’s classics throughout the night. You can even play the music via your cassette tape to create the perfect Madonna party atmosphere.

Fitness Fun Party

The 1980s has also been the time when people used to get creative with fitness routines. People in those times were obsessed with the exercise videos of some of the popular fitness personalities like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. A few things are needed to create this party atmosphere.

This are organizing jazzercise classes, wearing neon unitards, 80’s Halloween costumes, headbands, a lot of eye shadow and leg warmers. For the 1980’s Halloween party, you must aim on accentuating the funniest factors of the entire fitness industry.

Shine in the Dark

The 1980s were characterized by the craze of glow-in-the-dark. People in those years were fond of neon. They had passion for all those things that used to shine in the dark. Get glow goggles, glow party favors, glow drinks, etc.

1980’s Character Party

If you are in search of a creative and easy 1980’s Halloween party idea, then ask people to come dressed in the way of a popular 1980’s character. This character can be a top performer in a movie or a television show. Now you need to stream a few epic 1980’s television movies and on mute at the time of playing a mix of 1980s music throughout the party duration.

1980s Halloween Horror Film Party

If you as well as your friends are fond of scary setting, then dedicating your 2019 Halloween party to 2017 to 1980s horror movies will be a fantastic idea. What you can do is to ask everyone to dress as a popular character of their favorite horror film of 1980s.

You can choose from Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, Child’s Play, Gremlins, The Lost Boys, and The Fly. It is not distinctive but fabulous idea to enjoy a night full of horror and scary scenes. A movie-marathon Halloween party is also a great idea.


Halloween party is the right time to embrace the 1980s look. With more hairspray, lace gloves, bigger hair bows, blue eyeshadow, giant boomboxes, puffy-sleeved prom dress, and geometric prints, you will quickly slip into 1980’s era. All this is definitely going to make your evening magical.