A Guide to Pass Theory and Hazard Perception Driving Test Successfully

Driving test is one of the basic tests that you need to pass in order to obtain a driving license. There are various components of this test, such as the theory test, the practical test, and hazard perception test for car drivers. There are several websites on the web that will provide you a lot of free of cost sample mock tests to aid in the test preparation.

Practicing these tests is the best way to do preparation for the driving test. Here, in this post, we will be providing you some helpful tips to successfully pass this test.

Requirements to appear for a driving test

A candidate has to be of seventeen years of age or more to take this test. He should have got a valid driving license of the category suitable to the vehicle to be driven. Once the candidate passes this test, he can begin driving without any wait.

Also, it is needed to have a protection cover that enables one to drive without requiring supervision. If you want to book for a driving test, then visit the website https://www.booktheorytesttoday.com/. This website presents an easy way for candidates to enroll themselves for the test.

Theory Test

Theory test covers all those things that a driver needs to know at the time of driving the vehicle. It can be traffic rules, road signs, highway codes, everything about your vehicle like its parts, etc. The knowledge that one gains after reading theory modules helps in efficient handling and controlling of the vehicle.

You can find several theory test samples on the web that will give you an idea of what is asked in the test, the format in which the questions are asked and the marks distribution for each correct and wrong answer of each and every question.

These aids for preparing for a driving test are available in various different kinds of products. These can be theory books, driving test books, software, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs. You can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Hazard Perception Test

This test comprises of a series of video clips wherein a hazard is present. This hazard can be any form of risk that a driver comes across in his daily life.  Hazard perception test assesses how good a candidate is at dealing with the risky conditions on the road. The evaluator of this test throughout the test evaluates the safe driving practices of a candidate.

Again, like theory tests, you would find a lot of resources on the web that you can use to practice for this test. The more you practice, the better idea you will get to identify all possible hazards that can appear in the test.

Practical Driving

This driving test is the test that happens on the road with the candidate driving the vehicle live. The examiner assesses the safe driving skills of the candidate. He learns how well a candidate maneuvers his vehicle, how good he is at controlling his vehicle and how well he follows all the road rules.


This was all about passing all the components of a driving test.