3 Tips for Owning Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Outdoor speakers with Bluetooth are handy, especially if you want to play music at the beach, patio, or park without the hassle of plugging them into your phone. If you’re planning to buy some or if you already own some yourself, here are some tips that may help you get the most out of them.

Understand Its Specifications
Keep the following in mind when buying or using them:

  • Frequency Response: This is the tone range of a speaker measured in Hertz. The higher this is, the better it’s able to reproduce the music you’re playing.
  • Version: This determines how far you can keep your phone connected via Bluetooth as well as the quality of the transmitted sound.
  • Auxiliary: Having asecondary connection option comes in handyif you want to save your phone’s battery while playingbetter-quality sound.
  • Pairing: A quick connecting option like NFC (near-field communication) saves you time in finding a Bluetooth connection and enteringthe passcode.
  • Other Features: Speakers today are capable of smart features such as voice command and virtual assistance.

Face Them Downward

If you’re planning to install outdoor speakers, the best way to position them isdownward. This doesn’t mean the diaphragm should be vertical to the floor. Instead, have them facegathering areas like the patio or beachfront. This allows songsto be heard easily because they’reprojected to listeners directly.

Placing them in this position also prevents water accumulation in the casing. Although most machines designed for outdoor use arewater resistant, they can still be damaged over time. Common culprits include rain, snow, and hail. To prevent them from reducing your equipment’s quality, face themdown to allow the liquid to flow rather than be collected.

Maintain Your Gadget

Whether you’re using mounted or portable speakers, practicing proper maintenance is a must. Inspect thembefore and after use to maintain sound quality as well as avoid reducing their lifespan. Make sure the grilles are free of any obstruction or debris. Remove the casing if possible, and use a soft-bristled brush to clear awaytiny particles. If they’re sealed, don’t force them open. Instead, wipe the body, grille, and external parts with a microfiber cloth.

Whether you’re on the beach or in your backyard, keep these in mind when using your outdoor speakers with Bluetooth. These won’t just allow you to experience better sound quality but also use your device longer.