The Different Kinds of Termites and Problems Caused by Them

Having termites in a house is a serious concern for homeowners. These tiny terrorists can hide in any corner of your house like wood, trees, window, etc. without you being aware of it. Not only will they damage your precious furniture, but also impact the health of people too. To get rid of them, it is important to learn about each type of termite.

Subterranean termites

These types of termites are called ground termites. They live underground by making colonies and groups. Their major source of food is wood. They will dig the soil to create a tunnel as long as 150 feet easily. Madison pest control offers the best pest removal services to make your home a safe place to live. Their services involve elimination of different types of pests from home that are likely to invade your home and spread illness.

The source of wood that they choose could be very near to your house. They are commonly found in U.S. They are found in very less numbers in the winter season. A single colony of these termites can consist of one million members.

They have the potential to easily eat up nearly 15 pounds of wood every week. This requires households to safeguard their home foundations, plastic pipes, support beams, insulation, etc. as subterranean termites are known to destroy these things.

Drywood termites

Unlike subterranean termites that live underground, drywood termites prefer to live on the ground. They like to build their home inside trees and wood. They do not require moisture in the nests and can easily obtain it from humidity present in the air. Drywood termites are found in areas of the Southeast U.S. and Southern California.

Drywood termites eat the wood from inside and then live in it. They prefer to make homes in doorframes, window frames and attics. Wood that is pest-ridden with these types of termites look good from the exteriors but actually crumbles from within.

Dampwood termites build colonies in decaying wood, and dampness. They are mostly found in Southwest America and southern Florida. These termites are captivated to damp wood. This implies that homes that have a lot of moisture or have plumbing problems are likely to get infected by these termites.

Formosan termites

Formosan termites are considered to be highly destructive of all the above-mentioned types of termites. These pests have their origin in Taiwan and China and from where they arrive in the US through several port cities. One of the interesting things to note about Formosan termites is that they have the capability to infest up to thirty percent of trees present in this state.

These termites are found in large numbers in California, New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. They will thrive in cellulose-based goods and wood that will invade trees and boats.


So, this was the general idea about termites and the damage caused by them. To eliminate their occurrence before they infest throughout the place, you must call a specialized pest control firm immediately.