Hiring The Services Of A Separate Data Center Vs. Running Your Data Center

In any kind of business, it is important to manage the data efficiently. When your business expands at this point the question arises whether you can run your own data center or outsource your data handling task which is also called as colocation. The expanding nature of a company contributes to the increased electricity bill for the servers which the company uses.

Colocation is defined as the use of a separate data center in the form of a shared facility. It involves managing the data of a company by a colocation provider which is located on some other location. The provider also manages data from other companies as well.

Benefits Of An In-House Data Center

Having an in-house data center is an added advantage, it can be modified and expanded any time as and when the need arises. The hardware is available in your premises all the time and when any fault arises you can troubleshoot it.

There is no need to bear the cost of licenses. But it needs to be noted that maintaining an in-house data center is not a simple task as it involves many technical issues which need to be handled properly and efficiently.

Benefits of Colocation And Outsourcing

Using a Colocation is a practical solution to your data maintenance tasks. It minimizes the cost of the company which it needs to pay for cooling and power. These colocation companies get good deals from internet providers rather than single companies.

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The colocation and outsourcing include lower cost of IT and it has expert IT professionals capable of managing the servers effectively.  Many businesses are recognizing the importance of colocation and it is evident in the growth statistics.

Growth Statistics Of Data Center Colocation Market

The revenues which are generated from the data center colocation market are rising upwards. In the year 2014, the revenue which was generated is $22.8 billion. In 2015 it was around $27 billion. In 2016 the revenue rose to $28.9 billion and it is estimated that by the year 2021 a revenue of $ 48 billion will be generated. The colocation market is heading towards growth.


With the increase in data, it is essential for any organization to think about the data management whether to run its own data center or outsource the task, as it creates the need for more data centers and colocation providers.

Each facility has its own pros and cons but colocation is a practical solution for any company to take care of its data. It helps in reducing the costs as the costs involved in cooling are managed by many customers. Even high-end security which is provided by the colocation provider assists in keeping data secure and safe.