Reasons Why Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

As bikini season is here you must be excited to wear your special and adorable bikinis. It is time to get waxed. For some people, waxing is not a piece of cake and it proves to be the most painful time for them. Waxing is the process of removal of hair making your skin soft. The other option you have is shaving which in comparison to waxing is less painful. Waxing in turn is better than shaving and this post will help you to know the reasons that proves waxing is better than shaving.

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Reasons Why Waxing is a Better Option than Shaving

  • While shaving, you may have cuts on the skin. It is very risky to work with shavers because the risk of cuts is more. However, when you wax, you don’t have to work with blades and hence it is a better option than shaving. Cuts can be harmful as it can cause infection in your bikini areas or make them look worst so you should prefer waxing over shaving.
  • The other worst thing about shaving is itching. Itching can cause irritation and infection which can lead to several skin issues so you should try to avoid using blades to remove hair. Waxing is way more pleasant than shaving as there are very less or no chances of itching. After your bikini wax, you would love to wear a bikini and go for sunbathing but itching due to shaving can ruin everything.
  • After waxing, the hair growth is way too quick than waxing. Shaving fails to give you hair free skin for many days. Waxing is known to remove hair from the root but shaving removes hair from the skin that is visible to you so should always prefer waxing over shaving if you want hair free skin for several days.
  • Waxing has endless benefits. It removes dead cells from the skin. Waxing removes the hair from the roots due to which dead cells are pulled out so you can prefer waxing. After waxing you will get thinner hair and enjoy smooth and soft skin.

 These are some facts to know why waxing is better than shaving in all aspects.