What Things Do Banks Consider When They Choose A Merchant Services Partner?

Partnering with a merchant service firm is very important for banking institutions. These firms help in retaining existing customers and expand your existing portfolio.

They also provide customers with the right level of service that a bank requires? The assistance of a merchant service partner also assists a bank in timely dealing of the concerns and questions.  To make the best use of the relationship from a merchant service firm, here are a few things that every bank should watch out for.

High yearly retention rate of merchant

It is important to know about the yearly retention rate of the merchant for processing of credit card transactions. A good merchant service firm would help in not just growing your sales but also retaining customers in your business. www.merchantproinc.com is the best place to get superior quality and authentic payment processing systems for different types of businesses.

Merchant customer service

Dealing with an IVR service and waiting in the call queue for a long time, can easily annoy any customer. With the dedicated assistance of a merchant service your business customers will get better treatment than an IVR service whenever they require support.  Such services, in order to enhance customer satisfaction, assign a live operator that ensures that customer calls are handled promptly.

PCI Compliance Process

PCI can be very annoying for the merchant customers. Various processors would collect a non-compliance fee on a monthly basis to secure their merchants. This can prove to be detrimental to consumer retention. It can even increase the chances of risks to not just your merchant but also your bank. The right merchant services partner is the one who will reach out proactively to your merchant customers and walk them via the yearly PCI process.


It is important to learn about the background of the processor. Choose the one that has extensive knowledge of the merchant services and the banking industry. Find out whether they have a good record of a successful bank partnership.


It is required that the merchant service provider that you choose should have a good vision to aid you in achieving your objectives. It is important for you to know whether the firm has formed solutions to come over obstacles, and do they have the capability to make the best use of the opportunities? Select a credit card processor that views your banking institution as your true business partner in your merchant services.


The company culture also holds a lot of value when it comes to choosing any merchant service provider firm. Go for the one who understands the way you operate, and also has got a similar type of service mentality as the bank.

A lot of times, banking institutions forget about the essential aspect of the relationship. This frustrates the bank as their processor fails to share the same kind of culture like the bank does. This causes a lot of harm to the hard-earned reputation of the bank.


There are several ways by which assistance of a merchant service partner proves to be useful for a bank. By considering all these features you can be assured of making the best selection of the merchant service partner for your banking institution.