Must-Haves for Bird Photographers

Bird photography is a great way to appreciate nature and discover wildlife. Photographers get to enjoy different environments where feathered fliers in all colors and sizes live. If you want to try this hobby too, here are some of the items you should have with you.

A Pair of Binoculars

Before anything else, it’s best to observe the birds in their natural habitat. Doing so will help you in identifying their species, locating their nesting grounds, and learning how they move around. For that, you may need a quality pair of Leupold binoculars.

When purchasingLeupold binoculars for sale, there are various models and several factors that you have to consider. Check the zooming capacity. They should at least give you 10 to 12 times magnified vision to help you locate birds among trees, rocks, or swamps. They must also be as light as possible because you’re going to observe a lot of moving targets.

Camera, Tripod, and Telephoto Lenses

Once you’ve figured out where the birds are and their movement patterns, it’s time to take pictures of them. But what equipment should you be using? If you’re going birding, you can’t just bring any camera around. There are devices that are specialized for this activity.

Invest in at least two high-speed cameras to help you keep moving subjects in frame. Pair them with telephoto lenses, too,so that you can zoom in on your targets even from far away. Bird photographers typically use ones with 300-mm to 600-mm focal length that can take close-up shots of anything even at a mile’s distance.

Tripods are also necessary because you’re using heavy devices. The combined weight of the camera and the lenses can reach up to 4.5 pounds. You’ll get tired easily if you wear several of them around your neck and shoulders.

Birding Gear

Protect yourself from the sun with a brimmed hat. Be sure to carry one with you when you’re going to go birdwatching. It’ll shield your eyes from the glare and prevent you from getting sunburned on the face. Apply sunscreen over your arms and legs, too!

To help you carry your gear, wear a birding vest. It has pockets where you can put your field guide, phone, and other small essentials. You may want to pair it with a fanny packthat you can wear on your waist like a belt. That way, you don’t have to lug around a large bag on your back.

And since this hobby entails a lot of walking, comfortable shoes are also a necessity. There are different types of footwear, which are recommended depending on the kind of terrain. Wear hiking boots with hard rubber soles if you’re trekking deep in the woods or climbing up hills. Use high-tops if you’re walking up marshlands and muddy routes. Lightweight sandals, on the other hand, are perfect for casual strolls around town if you’re going to shoot city birds.

Bird photography may seem like an expensive hobby, but there are ways to save a lot in purchasing your essentials. You’ll want to go to birding conventions and look for affordable cameraequipment, outdoor gear, and Leupold binoculars for sale.