How to Promote Your Outdoor Event

Do you have a big outdoor event coming up but not sure how to advertise it? Fortunately, there are several marketing techniques you can use to promote your event, from taking advantage of social media to passing out pamphlets and brochures. To get started today, here are a few tips to consider using to elevate your marketing strategy.

Use Social Media Platforms

One of the best tools you can use to push your digital marketing efforts is social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can target your audience and share the news of your event via promoted tweets, Facebook events, or a paid Instagram post. If you have a younger audience, this can be especially helpful in successfully advertising your upcoming event online.

Purchase Customized Feather Flags

If you’re looking to advertise your event offline, you should consider purchasing customized feather flags. Place these advertising materials in your store and at the event to advertise to customers and individuals that pass by your business. Plus, you can create a unique message on your feather flags and banners, which can attract your target audience and lead them to a landing page for your event.

Pass Out Pamphlets/Brochures

If the majority of your target audience for your upcoming event pass by your store or shop at your location, a great way to advertise is to pass out pamphlets and have brochures handy. These marketing materials can offer your customers everything they need to know about the event, from the hours you’re running it to what they need to bring. However, if you’re looking for a completely free marketing method to help advertise your event, consider using word-of-mouth.

Tell Your Customers About the Event

A completely free way to advertise your upcoming event is to simply tell your audience about it. This way, they can pass along this information to their friends and family, which can spread the news without you having to spend a dollar. Especially if you don’t want to invest in digital marketing and want to stay eco-friendly, using word-of-mouth marketing can be incredibly beneficial.

There are a few ways you can promote your company’s big event this year, from investing in social media marketing to using customized feather flags and banners. Although advertising may seem like a lot of work, using this short guide can give you a big hand. Get started today by setting a marketing budget and consider what options are best for you!