3 Technologies That Can Change Due to Graphene Oxide

Graphene oxide (GO) is the oxidized form of graphene. It garnered the interest of many people due to its different characteristics, such as mechanical stability and tunable electrical conductivity. Because of this, many experts are finding ways to mass-produce it. One of the methods they found is called chemical vapor deposition (CVD). It involves using specialized equipment thatexposes graphene to gaseous reactants, such as methane and oxygen.

Today, severalmanufacturing companies are focusing on this tooffer adequate supplies to businesses who want to buy graphene oxide. Researchers from different industries are finding ways to utilize it for improving their products. This is why you’ll eventually see a lot of devices or appliances that contain this material. Here are some of the technological changes that may be due to the application of GO:


A few automobile companies have started using GO in manufacturing their cars. This is because the material can solve common problems of the traditional alloys, such as rusting and water damage since it’s resistant to both moisture and oxidation.It’s also lighter and stronger compared to the metals that are currently used, making it possible for automakers to create lighter, faster, and sturdier vehicles.

These characteristics an further be improved through graphene oxide dispersion. It involves exposing graphene to water or other chemicals, such as ethylene glycol and tetrahydrofuran. Through this process, the graphene oxide’s thickness will be reduced by a few nanometers, making it thinner and lighter. It’ll also improve the material’s stability and durability. So there’s no doubt that you may see a nearly indestructible car made from this element in the future.


The current components of mobile phones are made of aluminum and copper. Both elements are known to be durable and highly conductive to electricity.Graphene is far better than both of these metals.

Aside from having better durability and electrical conductivity, it’s also lighter, more flexible, and highly resistant to heat. If used as a based material, you’ll have a durable yet very light mobile phone that can be folded whenever you want without damaging its components.


Since its creation as an analytic engine in the 19th century, computers have come a long way in terms of technological improvement. These changes don’t just stop to where the machine is today because tech companies are now trying to enhance their productsby usingGO.

Many researchers are using graphene oxide to build components, such as transistors and processors, to make the machine faster. This is because graphene is a better electrical conductor than both copper and silicon, two of the most used metals in a computer’s transistor. So don’t besurprised if you see a very fast digital device in the future.

These are some of the technologies that will evolve because of GO. If you want to buy graphene oxide for your business, you can search on the internet for manufacturers within your area. Reach out to them to discuss your needs.