Different Types of Caskets and Coffins Available These Days

Whether you prefer a coffin for your beloved departed member of the family, or just thinking about the funeral of your own, often it can be confusing to choose the right coffin.

Nowadays, you will find so many different kinds of coffins or caskets, and also, they are available in huge price range.  You too can explore the market to see what is generally available in the market.

In many cases, it will be better to choose your own coffin before death so that you can save your family from a lot of expenses and angst.  Often it may be very difficult for families to arrive to an agreement while buying casket meant for a funeral.

Few people may feel that in case you don’t purchase the most expensive coffin then you didn’t care about your loved one enough, while few others think that why to waste money on such things.  Therefore, it is better to tell about your wishes before you depart.

Now let’s learn about various types of funeral coffins you may choose and from where you can buy them. Firstly, learn the difference between coffin and casket.

Usually, coffin and casket can be differentiated by looking at their shape. A coffin will have six sides and will have the traditional shape like we all may imagine immediately and remember about any old celebrated film.

Casket on the other hand is rectangular shaped and is most common shape that is used in the United States. Countries like UK still using the traditional coffin that is widely used, but now American casket is becoming more popular.

There are plenty of online suppliers of coffins available who can offer you many different varieties of coffins whose links can often be found in the internet.

All coffins and caskets are traditionally made out of wood.  Usually, they are available in wide range of woods from very expensive hardwoods like mahogany, oak and cherry to cheaper pine.

Metallic coffins and caskets

Nowadays, there will be plenty of metallic coffins and caskets are being used.  Metals include steel, copper, but they will be suitable for burial.

Personalized coffins

Also, these days there are number of different companies who make coffins as per your choice if you can provide those pictures and images.

Cardboard coffins

Since they are mainly used for cremation, hence cardboard coffins can be very economical choice and can also be much better for our environment.

You can get such type of cardboard made coffins in almost all kinds of colors and covered with certain beautiful images of flowers, gardens, sunrise and many more.

Also, the plain coffins can be decorated by you, in order to give it more personal touch.  You can find such type of beautiful cardboard made coffins in the UK.

Environment friendly coffins

It is becoming much more common these days to think about the environment while choosing any coffin. There can be lots of different kinds of green coffins.  Besides made of cardboard there are also bamboo, wicker, and willow, paper and also wool.