5 Things You Must Know While Decorating A Room with Chandelier

Gone are the days when purchasing chandelier style lighting fixtures for home was an easy task. Nowadays, there are plenty of things to consider. For instance, you need to understand all the available chandelier options, consider your interior design, as well as think thoroughly about proper placement.

Keeping all this in mind, we recommend that you divide the process of buying and installing chandeliers into different steps. Here we have given some essential tips for decorating your home with appropriate chandeliers. This guide covers everything you need to know about buying and installing chandeliers irrespective of whether they are round or rectangular crystal chandelier.

5 Tips for decorating home with chandeliers

  1.  Check out all the buying options

This might take a lot of time but we recommend that you check out chandelier collection in both, online as well as offline stores. Nevertheless, compared to local stores, online stores like www.sofary.com always offer better prices, as they purchase directly from manufacturers and deliver it to customers at a fraction of the price.

You can even think outside the box and checkout flea markets, resale shops as well as salvage yards. However, before you start looking, figure out the interior design style of your home. For instance, whether it is going to be designed traditionally, or does it have farmhouse aesthetics, or is it absolutely and completely modern. Determining this will help you find the most appropriate chandelier style for your home.

  1. Give due importance to size

Chandeliers are one of those elements in which size is the key. You definitely don’t want a chandelier which is too big or too small for the space. Most of the experts use this one particular mathematical formula that helps in determining the ideal size of a chandelier. You can too use this formula. Simply add the dimensions of your room in feet, and then convert the result into inches. This has to be the diameter of your chandelier.

  1. Consider other decor items too

If you haven’t completed designing the entire room, we recommend that you focus on one particular style and get décor pieces accordingly. If you are absolutely in love with a chandelier design, buy other items in accordance with it. For instance, if your chandelier is made of brass, include other brass décor items like brass photo frames, candlesticks or show pieces.

  1. Right placement is very crucial

Chandeliers are just not restricted to common spots like – entryways, dining room, living room, bedrooms, etc. In fact, this beautiful lighting fixture can highlight almost any corner of your house. So, consider unusual yet eye-catching placement spots like – kitchen, powder room, kid’s room, etc.

5. Hanging it correctly is vital

Depending on where you are installing your chandelier, there are a few things you can follow. For instance, if you are hanging it in the entryway, experts suggest you don’t hang it lower than 7ft. on the other hand, if you are placing it above your dining table, it should ideally hang 30 – 36 inches above the table.

Chandeliers can be a perfect center of attraction for your room. So, don’t take the task of buying lighting fixtures lightly.