Comparison between an Escort and Having One-Night Stand with A Woman

There are many who prefer to choose a woman to have sex for one-night stand rather than an exclusive escort who may be a bit expensive to afford their price.

They may have their own reason to choose, however there are plenty of good reasons in favour of escort girls or Trans in Paris of LOveSita, particularly if you want to have good company with few best looking and gorgeous women.

Here are few points that you need to consider while deciding between these two options:

  • You can have your sexual encounter in sober state

Escorts will always ensure that you are in sober state while having encounter with them, however with other prostitutes generally involves drinking alcohol and quite possibly, you may not be in a position to enjoy sex.

  • No chance of any STD with escorts

Escorts always prefer safe sex and their agency will ensure that they are medically free from STD and hence you can have sex with any escorts with free mind. Same thing cannot be assured for any prostitute.

  • No strings attached with Escorts

Escorts are totally professional in their dealing with customers. They will maintain friendly and professional relationship with clients as long as they are with them. However, any prostitute may show up later at your workplace or home.

  • You can have your best choice of escorts

You can always choose your escorts out of many choices offered to you however in case of prostitute you have to settle with one who is available. If you are late and too desperate then you will be forced to settle with whoever is available.

  • You will get enough attention from escort

Usually any common prostitute will try to dominate you and have her way during sexual encounter. However, an escort will provide you enough attention and make sure that you are fully satisfied.

  • Much better service provided by escorts

Any prostitute will generally not align with your sexual desire but will provide you only cheap sex while an escort will first try to know your expectation and sexual fantasy and then accordingly, she will provide you her service.

  • Escorts will never fall asleep during encounter

Often these prostitutes may be drunk and even fall asleep during your encounter and therefore your basic purpose will not be served. On the other hand, escorts will never fall asleep during your meeting with them.

  • You can hook up with escort in your chosen location

In case of escort, you can call her at your hotel, guest house or any of your chosen location where you feel convenient while for prostitutes you have to visit them where they are located which may not be hygienic too.

  • Complete privacy

So far as privacy is concerned, with any escort, they will maintain total privacy. Nobody will ever know about your meeting with them, however with these prostitutes there is no such guarantee.

  • You can complain to agency if you are not satisfied

Though escorts will do her best to keep you satisfied however, if you have any complain then you can always give your feedback or complain to agency.

In case of prostitute you have to be satisfied whatever you have.