Most Common Driving Laws People Break In Daily Life

Driving laws are made for the safety of the public. Yet, due to lack of patience, lack of time, carelessness, or ignorance, people break these laws. Here are some of the most common driving laws that get broken.

Not wearing seat belts 

This is the first and the most common type of law broken. It has been taught in driving school to always wear seat belts to avoid serious injuries in case of an accident. Though, many people take it lightly and get lazy wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are meant for your protection and not wearing it can put one at the risk of loss of life.

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Texting while driving

People are so addicted to their mobile phones, that they can’t live without them for a minute. Almost every driver knows that it is risky to use mobile phones at the time of driving but still they couldn’t resist its use. It is advised to focus on drive fully and don’t get distracted by messages, calls and other notifications at the time of driving.

The temptation to take a call or check a message can deviate your attention from driving and can lead to accidents.

Driving with distractions

Besides the phone, there are several things that can distract a person while driving.

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking over the call while driving
  • Eating or drinking or talking at the time of driving
  • Listening to music too loud or singing while driving
  • Doing makeup while driving
  • Trying to read anything like map, book or newspaper while driving


Getting distracted by these things when driving can cause a collision and even death of a person. It has been seen that drivers who are distracted are 22 times more susceptible to collisions and road accidents. Keeping yourself away from all these distractions is not just for your own safety but also the people you carry in your car and the other drivers too.

Mechanical issues with the car

These days inspection stickers are needed for all types of vehicles on the road. The is done to save lives. If the car has faulty brakes, or damaged windshield wipers, or damaged tail lights and any other sort of mechanical trouble, then you are prone to have an accident.


Breaking driving laws can put you as well as the other driver at a lot of risks. It can result in a legal suit also. So, to prevent yourself from all such risks, it is important to follow the best driving practices and prevent any of these mistakes in your driving.