Are You Interested In 21-Day Detox-Diet Plan?

Nowadays, the detox diet plan is becoming very much a kind of regular routine practice by most of the members of a local gym in various areas. Also, it is becoming quite popular among Hollywood actors and also Oprah Winfrey.

This kind of 21 day detox diet plans can be purportedly designed in order to cleanse all your toxins of the body while helping you also to jumpstart in weight loss program.

Those who are marketing this concept try to push various pills, powders and drinks and they are claiming that all these are key to get rid of your body from different types of toxins.

You need to follow a few sets of simple rules, which will help you to achieve almost the same results just by eating only right kinds of foods and also at right time.

Though such cleanse lengths may tend to vary, this kind of detox diet plans to be carried out for 21 days will typically elicit certain optimal results without any drastic sudden changes occurring in your body.


Fast-paced society of today will lend itself to any quick or easy-to-fix foods which are full of certain preservatives and few other chemicals. Due to build-up of such chemicals may cause your body operating very inefficiently so that it will not work properly as intended.

All these detoxification diets are meant for flushing all the toxins that are build-up from your body, as a result of increased energy, clear skin, improve bowel movements and also digestion and increase concentration and metabolism.

General rules

Though detox diets may vary greatly, most people have similar foods that are acceptable and unacceptable. Organic and also unprocessed foods, fruits, drinks vegetables and lots of water are part of most detox plans.

Licorice root, psyllium seed, milk thistle seed, yucca root and also gentian root are very commonly recommended herbs. Many plans also suggest nixing alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, and various supplements and also processed refined foods.

Clean diet

The clean diet was developed by a New-York based cardiologist, which is detox diet plan for 21 days program.

This plan calls for a liquid meal during breakfast, solid meal as lunch and again liquid meal as dinner, that is aiming to eradicate toxins, restore things that are lacking in your body and also rejuvenate your life totally from inside out.

Throughout the diet program, exercising is highly recommended.

Quantum wellness

The plan of Quantum Wellness detox was made prominent by participants of Oprah which centers around vegan diet, and more focus is given on meditation, fun activities, visualization, conscious eating, self-work, exercise, spiritual service, and practice.


Due to the increased demand for nutrient on pregnant women’s body, one should never try to suggest any pregnant women go for this kind of detox diet plan at this stage.

In case, you have certain health conditions like anemia, heart disease, eating disorders, low immunity, ulcers, low blood pressure, cancer, and alcohol or drug dependency or in case you are underweight and you should never attempt detox without consulting a doctor.