How Alkylate Gasoline Is A Great Option for Small Motors?

Alkylate gasoline is an ideal fuel choice for machines running at high speed in heated operating conditions. What is alkylate gasoline? The regular gasoline goes under an Alkylation refinery process, where high octane hydrocarbons are added. These are essential to prevent the auto-ignition of gasoline in an engine.

Unsaturated light hydrocarbon like propylene or butylene along with isobutene is combined to produce alkylate. Hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst in the alkylation reaction. The high octane alkylate has low volatility and density gets condensed. So, the feed volume gets reduced by 30% but weight is the same.

Remember the catalyst needs to be selected on the operating conditions like pressure and temperature. At unit operating environment, sulfuric acid is in a liquid state, while hydrofluoric acid is in the form of gas.

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Benefits of alkylate gasoline

  • Machine is always prepared to run even after lengthy standstill periods
  • Gasoline does not get deteriorated after years as there are no chemicals like in petrol, so stays fresh
  • It does not have ethanol or other harmful substances like aromatics, benzene, and olefins
  • It is odorless
  • Stale fuel does not cause damage
  • Less maintenance
  • Long machine life
  • Eco-friendly as there are hardly any emissions of hydrocarbons
  • You get to breathe clean air when you run the machinery
  • Available in a pre-mixed form in a container of the proper size, so the risk of incorrect mixing gets eliminated

Where can alkylate gasoline be applied?

For private use

Alkylate gasoline can be stored for a long time. They are useful in tools used seasonally like snow blowers, lawnmowers, garden tools, and outboard engines. There is no need for cleaning additives, as it has no oxygenates. Its combustion is excellent.

In the fleets

Light machines used in construction, forestry or landscaping can gain a lot from alkylating gasoline. It has low emission levels and is odorless. There are less harmful tailpipe emissions because sulfur-free paraffin is used to produce it. No need to drain the fuel system, even after a long period of no-use.

For suppliers

Many hardware store owners can add them to their inventory. It is designed for small engines running speedily in severely hot conditions like chain saws, garden tools, and outboard motors. It does not evaporate like conventional gasoline. So, its storage stability is good for the hardware stores or distributors.

Safe to handle

Alkylate gasoline is perfect for private and commercial use because of its advanced composition. It burns cleanly without any oxygenate due to a high-octane number. It is helpful to seasonal tools because of its great storage stability. Safe to handle because when you refill the odor is mild and the exhaust gas is less smelly.