Measures You Need to Take to Stop Debt Collectors from Contacting

A debt collector is a person, who collects debts in place of creditors. According to FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), they need to follow some laws while collecting the debts from you.

Firstly, debt collector needs to send you a notice before 5 to 10 days of contacting you in person. If you receive a Newlyn debt letter don’t get scared, take help from They provide both short term as well as long term payment solutions to you. You can visit the branches at Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen to consult the specialists.

Measures to stop collectors

You can stop a debt collector from reaching you by taking few measures:

Debt collectors cannot do activities including making continuous calls, visiting your house or workplace, embarrassing in public, etc. If you are facing any problem with their activities, you can raise a question against them.

Without permission, they cannot discuss your financial situations or debts with your friends, family, or neighbors. If you don’t want to get calls from debt collector, then write a letter, mail or fax.

You can ask them for any information within a month after they have contacted. If you need any additional information you can request them even after 30 days, but the collector cannot refuse to provide it.

Send the post from your certified e-mail and keep a record of it. In case, you complete the payment without any obstacles then you will have a written proof for it.

If the debt is a personal one, they have no right to come to your workplace and discuss it with your colleagues or employer. They need to contact you in working hours, not in irregular timings.

Ignoring them is not a solution to stop the recovery of persons from collecting debts or contacting you. Explain your problem to the collector such as debt doesn’t belong to you or any issues in the amount. There is no problem even if you owe it, you can inform them to stop calling.

A debt collector is not liable to mislead or threaten you to collect their payment. They can try to collect old and unsecured debts including credit cards, medical bills, etc., from you. Even when the date gets expired you will still possess that debt.

To avoid visits or calls, tell them to send the information in writing through a post or mail. Whatever, the mode will be it’s better to maintain a record of your conversation. Note down the date, time and what you have discussed with the person in detail. In case, you get any issue with the collector these records will help you to solve the dispute.

In case, you have trouble with the debt collecting agency or collector complaint against them. They receive huge profits if they collect the debt. So, they will use all their tactics to recover the debts. Don’t feel pressure and waste your time, money to get a solution take advice from experts to get rid of the debt issues.