4 Autumn Traditions to Start This Year

Autumn is a wonderful and magical time of year. Halloween is right around the corner and there’s a chill in the air. It’s a great time for couples and families to spend time together between a busy summer and bustling holiday season. Starting traditions like a trip to the pumpkin patch or corn maze in Georgia is a way to make sure that each autumn, there is quality time spent together making more great memories.

Apple Picking

Kids and adults can love apple picking. In the autumn sun, families with children of all ages can head out to the apple orchards to fill up bags and baskets. Apple picking doesn’t take any special tools or skills, just grab an apple and pull!  It doesn’t get much better than collecting fresh apples, right from the apple trees. After a few hours in the orchards, head home to cut up the apples and make apple crisp or apple pie to enjoy as a family!

Pumpkin Patch

Apples aren’t the only thing you can pick in the fall. A trip to the pumpkin patch can also be a great tradition for friends or families. Everyone has different tastes in pumpkins and heading to the patch lets everyone choose a unique pumpkin of their own. While someone loves a tall, thin pumpkin, someone else might prefer a short, stocky pumpkin instead. At home, these special pumpkins can be displayed as they are, painted or carved.

Corn Maze

Really embrace fall festivities by taking on the challenge of a corn maze in Georgia. Have some outdoor fun as you navigate the cornstalks and try to make your way through the maze without getting lost. This activity is great for couples or large groups, as long as everyone has patience and works together to get out of the twisting, turning maze!

Backyard Fire

The weather in the fall is perfect for a backyard fire. Build a fire and set up chairs surrounding it so everyone can stay warm and enjoy the flames. Treat yourselves to fire-roasted marshmallows or decadent s’mores. A few hours around the fire is a great opportunity for storytelling, sharing favorite memories, and bonding.

There are so many great opportunities to create autumn traditions. Apple and pumpkin picking are great for any age. A corn maze in Georgia followed by a backyard fire is a great way to spend a cool, fall day. Each year, you’ll find yourself looking forward to these activities and building more fond memories with significant others, friends, and family members.