Know About the Types of Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing! Do these words make you cringe? Or does it make you wonder what it is all about? Does it scare you or does it excite you? In today’s article, let us explore all there is to know about Nipple Piercing.

What is Nipple piercing?

The practice of piercing their nipples was an expression of bravery, ultimate strength and manhood. Even, today it is obvious for anyone who hears about this and would agree. Nipple piercing continues to be one of the extraordinary expressions of attitude, self-confidence and it sure is a style statement.

Two major types of nipple piercing

There are mainly two important types of nipple piercing. They are called the piercing and non-piercing belly chains. Are you surprised by the second type? Yes, it’s fairly reasonable to be surprised and intrigued. Do you want to know more? Okay, here you go!

The first type is obviously the ancient type where you would physically pierce your nipple and it is a bit painful as it makes a hole through your skin. However, the second type, what is it? That is our subject of major curiosity and interest today, right?

All right, the non-piercing type, also known as the fake nipple piercing is something that was very carefully and skilfully designed by the jewellery smiths in order to avoid all the pain but for the ones who wanted to flaunt this trend of nipple piercing. The answer was, making use of the magnetic power.

This fake nipple piercing was the perfect solution for you to try out the style and trend of nipple piercing without any dangerous effect and pain. You do not have to make a big fuss about the piercing but you could still wear the nipple jewellery. Ultra-cool right?

Things to consider while you choose your nipple jewellery

  • Nipple piercing practice is painful and dangerous. You should have extreme strength and will power to sustain it.
  • While you select the jewellery, make sure to select a little over sized one at the beginning. This will provide room for swelling that may occur soon after you get your piercing done and before it heals back to normal. If you did not get your pins with some extra space to accommodate the swelling of the skin, then the head of your pin or the ball might press against your wound and this makes the healing process difficult and it causes more pain than usual.
  • After the wound is healed, consider getting the perfect shape and size of the jewellery.

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If you ever find the courage to try out Nipple piercing, it is definitely worth all the effort as it is a very unique expression of courage and boldness.