Unboxing the Characteristics of The Latest Kratom Product – Red Hulu Kratom

If you are on the lookout for a strain that is relaxing like herbal tea yet also stimulating like a cup of coffee, you would love red hulu kratom. Regular users of other Kratom products could also try this if you are looking for a different strain that works in a more unique way. Very few are aware of its existence since it is rare to find and has relaxing and euphoric effects.

Origin of Red Hulu (Kapaus) Kratom:

Just like other Kratom strains, it originates from the areas near the island of Borneo located in Indonesia especially in the dense Hulu forest. Kapaus here refers to a river bordering Malaysia. It is extracted from the mature leaves of red-veined kratom tree with the color of the strain being red.

Benefits of Red Hulu Kratom:

It benefits both body and the mind which is the reason behind its increasing popularity. One of the websites for buying Red Hulu kratom is Gold Leaf Botanicals. Their products are ground to perfection and are available in the purest form. They are known for delivering quality strains consistently. The benefits of this strain include:

  • Analgesic: Kratom has analgesic properties. The various strains available offer varying levels of pain relief. The red hulu kratom is highly analgesic because of the higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid. This compound intercepts pain signals before a person’s nervous system makes them perceive the pain. It is an effective remedy for acute and chronic pain.
  • Stress relief: Many feel the need to de-stress after an exhausting day at work and this is like the magic cure that relaxes a person.
  • Treats depression: There are also lesser concentrations of other alkaloids present apart from 7-hydroxymitragynine which is the reason behind red hulu kratom’s ability to treat panic attacks and depression whilst boosting mood and energy levels.
  • Sedation: Trying hard to fall asleep on most nights? Taking red hulu kratom before hitting the bed would prove useful due to its sedative effects.

Recommended dosage:

Follow the dosage instructions of the strain to get the most out of it. Taking too little would end up with you not feeling any effect and higher dose results in side effects. Beginners should start by taking lower dose like 2 to 3 gm. Based on the effects experienced, take 3 to 5 gm. The highest you can go is 7 gm above which is not recommended.

How to use it?

Owing to its rarity there is less availability. It is available in powder form. The red hulu leaves are harvested, dried and crushes until they are fine enough following which they are packaged and sold in the market. It is easy to measure the powder and consume it as per the recommended dosage. It can also be taken as a supplement or as tea.

Red Hulu Kratom helps you with pain, tension, low self-esteem and tension. Incorporate it into your regular diet and lead a healthy and happy life.