Read This If You Are Going for Driving Test

While appearing for driving test, many people often remain tensed as it is one of the nerve-wracking days in your life and one can very easily get overwhelmed. Following are few things that you can expect on this day.

You must have gone thorough safe drivers course and also made a lot of preparation too. You must have also got plenty of instructions from your instructor as well as from your elders.

The night before

The day before you appear for the test, it is essential that you must have good sleep at night. Having good sleep can surely help you remain focussed during the test. In case, you do not get enough sleep then you will feel tired and your reaction will also be quite slow

During morning of the test

Many of the instructors may ask you to revise the lesson in the morning before appearing for the test, however we recommend that you should not spend too much time and rather scan through all the lessons and only look at those parts where you are weak.

What should you bring during practical driving test?

Following are few things that you must bring along with you during the driving test:

  • Your temporary licence
  • Your pass certificate of theory test
  • Your own car and not the driving instructor’s car

What will happen in the beginning of driving test?

To begin with the examiner will perform your eyesight test where you may be asked to read the number plate from 20 metres away of any parked car. In case, you fail to read it then you are immediately disqualified.

You will also be asked few safety related questions that you should be able to answer it.

What will happen during the driving test?

Duration of your practical driving test is about 40 minutes and your general driving skills will be checked by asking you to drive in many different traffic conditions.

Few questions may also be asked related to the following:

  • To check your eyesight during driving
  • Driving related questions
  • To reverse your car
  • To do free driving for sometime
  • To make an emergency stop

Few important things that you must remember during your test

  • Since you are not licensed driver the examiner will not expect you to be a perfect driver.
  • If you forget directions or take wrong turn then it can get you negative marks
  • You will be allowed to do maximum 15 small mistakes during driving test so you must not panic if any mistake is done
  • In case, you end up doing more than 15 mistakes or even single dangerous fault then you may be disqualified.

What will happen after the driving test?

After you have qualified for the driving test then the examiner will:

  • Inform you about those minor faults committed by you
  • Offer you pass certificate
  • In case, you want your licence to be mailed to you then you must surrender your temporary licence.

In case, you fail to qualify then the examiner will tell you about all the faults that you made. This is not the end, and you can again book for another test within next 10 working days.