Rekindle Sex Flame with Intimate Sex Positions and Overcome the Dry Spell

Each one of us has their own sexual needs. Some may like it slow and romantic, or passionate and fast or just emotional or physical. Maintaining intimacy for a long time is challenging, especially for those couples who are together for several years.

To overcome these dry spells within an established relationship, the  girl in Paris take steps to rekindle the flame using intimate sex positions. It helps to foster a deep connection with your partner.

To reignite the spark in your sex life with your partner, following are a few positions to try with an escort.


One partner lies on the side, while the other lies directly behind. The front partner bends knees a little and pushes the bottom backward for easy excess. It gives the partner at back freedom to use hands to caress the partner’s body in the front. This can be a cuddle session, where both are physically and emotionally close.

The caressing raises oxytocin levels [love hormone] and PEA [neurotransmitter responsible for bonding]. The cuddle session can end up in an intimate session and later a relaxed sleep.

The chair

Foreplay including kiss, touch, massage, and play starts in bed. One partner sits on a chair, as the other sits on top facing away from their partner. If the woman is on top, he gets an erotic view and reaches to stimulate her erogenous zones. A deep penetration moving hips back and forth or up and down makes it easy to give her a G-spot orgasm.

Doggy style

She gets down on her knees and hands allowing him to enter from behind. As she is not facing him, this style may feel a little less intimate, but is a great way to share an orgasm.

Women enjoy deep penetration and immense pleasure. It is a physical act, which makes the adrenaline flow high in a shared experience, and thus strengthening the bonding.

Standing doggy

It is a modified doggy-style version. Her back faces her partner’s chest, as the warm water from the shower allows you both to relax. Massage one another and enjoy full body touch, before entering from behind.

Reach for her clits or nipples for stimulation. However, be careful while having sex in a shower, as it can lead to accidental slip. Use a textured bath mat to keep things safe and fun!

Seated lotus

One partner sits with legs crossed loosely, as the other sits on top with legs wrapped around at the waist. For more intensity, concentrate on up and down slow sensuous movement.

It offers a face-to-face missionary style intimacy, but adding a little excitement of new position. Bodies touch totally with closeness to whisper, kiss or laugh together.

Her on top

Classic twist to missionary style is a woman on top. Straddle on him and adjust between slow, fast, shallow, and deep thrusts. As she comes close to a level where her breasts touch his chest increases the intimacy.

Both can benefit from the intimacy that includes sensual touches, direct eye contact, and sexy-but-controlled sound when penetration depth increases. G-spot and clitoral stimulation can be experienced.

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