What are the Benefits of Installing A Slate Roofing?

Nowadays, homeowners have many different choices for roofing material, but there are certainly few good reasons why many people in Sydney will still prefer slate roofing.

For centuries, people have been using such slate roofing and thus it may offer a traditional look, which may especially suit any old and luxurious home.

Slate roofing Sydney can offer much more benefit than what you can see just on the surface. Following are few of the biggest reasons of going for slate roofing for your home.

    1.  Colour and style options

You can find many slate roofing styles which may range from textural to mixed colours and patterns.

Besides style and texture, you can find slate that is uniform and smooth to rustic and rough finish too. The colour of slate can range from muted to vibrant colours like greys, blacks and also purples, greens and reds.

    2. Lifespan

All these slates are in fact a rock, which is derived from certain original sedimentary rock, which is composed of volcanic ash or clay through regional low-grade metamorphism.

Hence, your roofing material can be million years old and will be incredibly durable to last for several hundred years. Also, they will need very little or no maintenance.

You can therefore safely assume that you can get minimum 75 – 100 years or even more out of such slate roof.

    3. Looks good

In case, your old home needs roof replacement then you may be concerned about the possibility of certain new roof visually that may clash with rest of your house.

However, you need not feel concerned about that with slate roofing, that is because slate roofing often features on various older homes.

    4. Benefits over shingle roofing

If you decide to use slate roofing then it will be your once in a lifetime replacement, whereas you cannot say the same about shingle roof.

Another reason why slate roofing can increase the resale value of home is because of its natural beauty as well as durability.

Also, slate roofing has natural ability to resist against fire and mould. Besides the low water absorption quality of slate can make it quite resistant to damage or breakage due to frost to freezing.

    5. Price

In comparison with standard shingle, slate is quite an expensive product. It can be almost 2 to 3 times more expensive too. However, if you prefer slate roof then it is your once in life time roof replacement.

You may need to replace the shingle roofing at least 2 or 3 times in the lifetime of your home. So, it is entirely your choice.

    6. Repairing

If you ever need repairing, then slate roofing can be done any time and the repair is also very easy. However, you must always hire a professional roofer.

    7. Less time-consuming maintenance

Slate roofing is a low-maintenance material for roofing and hence you can get plenty of free up time which you may otherwise spend simply for keeping the roof in proper condition.