Safety Tips to Heed to Get You Out of Sticky Situations

If you follow the news closely, you will see that the number of crimes is increasing at an alarming rate. If your luck is bad, you too can fall victim to theft or burglary. Taking the right precautions can help divert the situation and also ensure your safety.

Tips to Heed When on Vacation

Memphis city is quite serious when it comes to protecting its citizens. You cannot at all times rely on officers to protect you. There too are humans and might not be able to be at multiple places at the same time. You as a citizen of Memphis can assure your safety by taking the necessary precautions.

The law enforcement in Memphis has a great way to monitor and reduce Memphis crime rate. If you ever encounter a situation involving theft or burglary, you can contact Crime Commission which is a non-profit organization situated in Suite 400, Memphis Tennessee. They have a team of dedicated officers that try to find solutions to reduce crimes by coming up with the best practices.

If you are going on a vacation, ensure that you have your neighbors help to take care of the house. Ask them to pick up newspapers or mow your lawn. If a potential thief is lurking in your neighborhood, they might not target your home thinking someone is there. You can even install burglar alarms to your home and garage.

If you plan to take your vehicle, ensure that you lock your vehicle when you park it. Ensure that all your belongings are tucked safely away or simply take them with you. While boarding the vehicle, ensure that you do a safety check of your surroundings.

If you do become a victim of a crime scene, ensure that you have your head on your shoulders. Do not panic. This could only lead to you digging a deeper hole into the already sticky situation. Agree to give your valuables without a fight.

Stay calm and focused. Make a mental note of your attacker. This will help you get the right description when you report it to your local authorities. Ensure to call the police and explain the situation calmly. There might be a lot of questions that you might need to answer. Be cooperative and patient.

Be the Eyes and Ears for Your Local Authority

If you want to make your neighborhood a safe and better place to live in, you can contribute in a special way. You can begin with:

  • Keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood
  • Informing the local authorities immediately before or after a crime has taken place
  • Staying safe and avoid getting yourself into an unwanted situation
  • Go out in a group if you live in an unsafe neighborhood
  • Walk, in properly lit areas and avoid dark places
  • Avoid talking to strangers
  • Be on alert at all times


Prevention is always better than cure. The local authorities cannot be present at the crime scene always. Make use of the special numbers shared by the authorities to report minor crime scenes.