Clarity on Dental Implant That Help in Making Right Decision

Years back, when someone lost their complete teeth, they could get full upper or lower dentures. Today, specialists use modern technology to provide dentures. They can place implants in the upper or lower jaw and then insert upper or lower denture into the implants, so that final restoration has a tremendous function. A person can eat, speak, smile and gain confidence. They can exercise, apply for jobs and afford their lives.

Lower dentures were easy to create or handle, but upper dentures have always been a menace. Now with few implants, upper denture is a fantastic restoration. However, still depending upon the bone’s density and volume, the number of implants on the upper jaw is more.

There are various implant denture advantages, but one specific advantage is that it keeps the jawline structure intact. In traditional dentures, they are just fixed on the jawline, which means with age or disease if your jaw bone shrinks, the denture will have to be replaced. However, with an implant, dentures are fixed or placed with the help of titanium accessory or screw that infuses with the bone after a certain time. It functions like real teeth and people can eat, drink, talk, and smile without being conscious.

There are many be various dental offices, but not all can help with a dental implant. Some are just for regular cleaning and checkup. However, certain surgeries are done in a specific dental clinic where proper accessories and tools are available. Dental implant is modern a technology, and therefore it requires skills and specialization in the current field.

Dr. Michael Nugent and Dr. West Ficken have started a family dental clinic in Pasadena, Texas. Their team is friendly and works with efficiency to deliver the best dental treatment to patients. Being a family clinic, one doesn’t have to book several appointments in different clinics for everyone in the family. From kids to senior citizens, all are handled with care here.

Traditional dentures are tightly fixed with the upper jawline so implanting in the upper jaw isn’t much needed. However, it is difficult to protect traditional dentures in lower gum, therefore, implant-supported dentures are feasible for it. Traditional and implant dentures have their benefits and drawbacks. However, both have to be cleaned regularly. If traditional dentures can be cleaned at home, implants are cleaned by the dentist.

Thus, before going for implant dentures always know these facts –

  • If you have enough teeth, then traditional denture will be as effective as implants. A traditional denture is cheaper than implant because there isn’t any surgery involved in it.
  • Implants are created to last longer, but they too require maintenance to remain clean and healthy for a longer time. The separable portion of the implant needs to be washed regularly.
  • Implants are a healthy way of keeping jawline structure intact for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. This is because it fills the space to maintain the volume of bone which is cannot be done with a traditional denture.
  • Implants are easy and useful than traditional dentures since they’re fixed, therefore they don’t shift while doing any kind of activity.

Various types of implants are commenced with different technologies. Each type of implant has a different price. Therefore, you should think wisely if you need an implant or traditional denture is sufficient.