How to Hang A Chandelier in A Dining Room – Know the Right Way

A chandelier is one of the main decorative elements of a room. It hangs at the center of a dining table, so the chandelier height is very important than other elements.

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The following are few steps that help you in installing the chandelier in your dining room perfectly.

Choose right location

At first, turn off the power supply and choose the location. Mostly, a chandelier will be installed at the center of the room or above the dining table.

Measure height and width

The general rule to hang a chandelier in a dining room is the chandelier bottom should be 30 to 36 inches over the top of a table. So, you must have 8-foot high ceiling. This is the standard rule to hang, but before purchasing chandelier consider ceiling height, room and table size. Mark the center of a room with painter’s tape.

Adjust for your room and table size

Sometimes, size and style of a chandelier itself affects the height of a ceiling. In case, you want to purchase a complex chandelier, then hang it few inches above the standard height. Also, consider how a chandelier looks when you sit on a chair and from other rooms to get a clear idea. You can choose a chandelier that is one foot smaller in size than the width of your dining table.

Mark the location

Place a plumb laser over painter’s tape marks. By this, you can see red colored dot on ceiling. It is the exact location for a ceiling light.

Make holes

Make a hole with the screwdriver on the red dot. Bend insulation rods to 2 inches to hold electrical box diameter 4 inches. Similarly, bend rod bottom and poke insulation rod inside the hole and turn it. Drill a tiny hole within the ceiling with a saw and dust shroud up to 4 inches.

Run wires

Run the wires from adjacent power supply system to the hole in ceiling. Fix the electrical wires of fixture and ceiling together. Attach lampshades, crystals or bulbs to the chandelier. Based on the location of the hole, you have to install a work fan set in between the two roof joists by keeping the electrical box above the hole. Secure the hole with screws and screwdriver.

Mount lighting fixture

Twist both the connected cable wires and screw chandelier into mounting bracket of ceiling.

There is no specific rule to get a perfect lighting because each lighting fixture is different. The affect of light on a table varies depending on several factors such as fixture design and height, light bulbs, and others. You can test lighting effect of a chandelier by hanging it over table and plugging in even it is temporary. This helps to assess a chandelier height and its functions.

So, choose the best vendor who offers good quality chandeliers and order your favorite style for your dining room to make it look brighter and attractive.