Deadliest Viruses on Earth – Protect Yourself and your Family Members from Them


The battle against viruses has started before the evolution of our species and it is going on till today. Many viruses has spread from different type of animals to human species and asserted thousands of human lives. Few viruses like Ebola has spread all over the world and infected nearly 90% of people.

Currently, many people are fighting against pandemic disease coronavirus and losing their life. It is a dangerous threat to the public as there is no way to combat.

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, so we have to take few safety measures to protect ourselves from the deadly viruses. They include maintaining social distance, wearing a mask when visit outside, cleaning hands frequently with a sanitizer, and other precautions.

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The following is some information about few deadly viruses that help you in getting an idea of how they affect humans.

What are viruses?

Viruses are neither living beings nor non-living beings, they are parasites. When these viruses come in contact they fuse with cells and grow itself within the body.


One of the most deadly viruses is HIV in modern days. According to research studies, nearly 32 million people died with HIV. It attacks the cells of immune system and destroys them. It may lead to other health problems with lower immune functioning.

There are few potent antiviral drugs to increase the immune system of the patient. With this, the patient can live for few more years, but HIV cannot be cured.


HPS (Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome) is spread by the rodent droppings, bites, or by its fecal matter. It was first recognized in U.S., and nearly 36% of people died with the disease. Usually, it will not occur from one person to the other through contact.


This virus enters into the body and destroys brain and nervous system. It is really a bad disease, but introduction of a vaccine helped to reduce the disease in many countries. Nearly 55,000 people died with rabies.


The outbreak of Ebola was started in Republic of Sudan and Republic of Congo in the year 1976. It spreads through the contact of blood, tissues, or body fluids of the infected animal or person. It spreads quickly and causes high fever, hemorrhaging, and even death. The rate of fatality all over the world is nearly 50%.

In addition to the above, there are many other diseases such as child killer Rotavirus, Hepatitis B- destroys liver, pandemic disease influenza, and more.

These days, many countries around the globe are being infected by dangerous virus COVID-19 that spreads through contact or body fluid or blood as a responsible citizen and human being your duty is to take precautions to protect your family and others by causing deadly virus.

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