5 Must-Have Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Putting up a business is a fun and exciting endeavor. But, it comes with challenges. Particularly when you’re new to the food industry, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important ones is how you need to furnish your restaurant. You have to ensure that you have all the necessary kitchen equipment. This will enable you to serve your customers efficiently while making things easy and convenient for your staff. Continue reading to know what these essential items are.

Commercial Refrigerator

You need this to keep your supplies fresh as long as possible. Top-quality brands will allow you to slow down food spoilage with their built-in antibacterial features. They’ll enable you to control the temperature at the optimal level so the raw ingredients can reach their maximum lifespan. This will save you money and time.

The size and capacity of the refrigerator you need depend on how big your business is and the number of clients you serve daily. If you have a small establishment, a two-door commercial reach-in variant should suffice. If you’re catering to hundreds of people, you must have a walk-in cooler installed instead.

Ice Machine

You can store ice inside your refrigerator, but that costs a lot and takes up valuable space you should be using for other items. To prevent this inconvenience, get an ice machine. It will constantly make ice that your staff can serve the whole day. You can transfer the tubes or cubes directly to your soda fountain (if you have one) or place them in a large container for later.


You can’t have a restaurant without cookware. It can’t just be any kind, too. You need to get the one that’s best for making the items on your menu. For pies or cakes, you must have several baking pans plus hand tools like spatulas and whisks. Likewise, deep pots are essential if you serve various types of pasta. Your decision highly depends on what dishes you’ll be offering. You’ll also want knives, ladles, and cutlery.


This isn’t just for baking bread or making pizza. It’s also perfect for keeping certain foods warm while the staff finishes the rest of the customer’s order. There are different types of ovens and your choice should be based on the commercial space you have and the cuisine you serve. A brick one can’t be installed in a tightly sealed kitchen and a convection variant has very limited room for accommodating multiple dishes. But, they may work depending on how the cooking area is designed.


You want a commercial-grade one that will allow your kitchen staff to prepare different types of grilled goodness. Flat-top variants are perfect for pancakes and burgers while smoker ones are best for barbecues and steaks. They also give the food those distinct marks that all diners love.

These are the equipment you need to run a successful food business. Although some of them may be expensive, like the restaurant grill, oven, and refrigerator, they’re all necessary to make your operations smooth. Armed with the finest tools, you can keep serving your clients the best dishes and in turn expect their patronage.