Myths About Supplier Apps and Why You Should Ignore Them

Much like our personal lives, smart devices have taken over our businesses as well. We now use apps for everything from managing corporate finances to following up with customers and everything in between. A supplier app is part of that in-between portion, but it has lagged in popularity because of some common myths.

Here are some of those myths and why you should ignore them.

Supplier Apps are for Big Business

A supplier app can be a help to any sized business, even sole proprietors. If you manufacture, manage or sell any type of product or service that relies on vendors to be successful, you can benefit from a supplier app. If you are in retail and sell products from more than one source, you can benefit form a product supplier app.

Supplier Apps are Clunky

Early on, this was probably a fair critique and with certain vendors that have achieved all they want in terms of business volume or work in a niche, it might be the truth today. For most app providers, however, the market is so competitive that producing an app that is not seamless, intuitive and comprehensive is a prescription for that app not being purchased or used.

They are Generic in Function

Most product apps are customizable to your industry and needs. They have multiple functions such as data analysis, reports and schedules that can be adapted to fit just about any industry. They are also highly targeted when it comes to vendor lists. Even if you work in a unique market, your supplier app will have the capacity to give you a list of vendors you can work with.

They are industry specific

Some supplier apps are. Most, however, are adaptable to the industry or industries in question and not the other way around. This is because the core utilities and functions of an effective supplier app are the same across industries. That reality allows an app that works perfectly for a sporting goods store to also work with a car dealership or even a grocer.

Supplier Apps are Nice but not Necessary

That depends on the end user and their needs as well as how much they are willing to put to chance. The recent pandemic and intermittent, country-wide shutdowns illustrated how valuable a vendor and supplier management app could be. With some industries, a supplier app is not just valuable but imperative for product managers to keep on top of suppliers and where they are in the process.

For most sellers, myths aside, a supplier app is a way to stay on top of a changing supply chain environment.