Benefits of Daily Skin Care Routine – Why You Must Follow One

Skin care is impertinent for any type of skin whether it is oily, sensitive or dry. You must follow a religious skin care whether you have dry, normal or oily skin.  You can easily get skin care products from a local drugstore, retail store and even online stores. Skin care does not need to be high maintenance. Maintaining healthy skin needs good habits and daily skin care.

There is no age to start skin care routine and regular skin care helps in putting habits at the right place. You can also have a check up with a cosmetologist so that you can get the accurate advice. Usually people tend to have a skin care routine in winter. However, you must also have it irrespective of any weather and season.

Just like sunscreen you must include CBD skincare in your routine. CBD is available in both topical and oil form. It is suitable for all skin types whether it normal, sensitive, dry or oily. It can be applied to both topical form and oil form. You can include this in your morning routine or night routine. Investing in a good skin care is like investing in a good skin.

What you must include in your skin care routine

Next, you must know what you must keep in your skin care products cabinet. Let’s check out the basic things:


This is the most important product and you must begin your skin care by cleansing your face. A good cleanser is free from alcohol and does not rip off the moisture content of the skin, at the same time removing the dirt and germs from the skin. It helps in maintaining the ph balance of the skin. After cleansing you must wash your face with a face wash as per your skin type. It will help your skin have a squeaky-clean feeling.


This comes right after cleansing. While you are cleansing your pores open up and hence a toner is necessary to tone your skin properly. It also makes it easier to apply other products. You must always use an alcohol-free toner so that it will reduce redness of the skin if any.


Just like cleansers moisturizers are for everyone and you must apply it every time you follow a skin care routine. There are several types of moisturizers available in the market. You must select appropriately before buying. A cream-based moisturizer is for normal skin and a water-based moisturizer is for oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can also go for gel-based moisturizer. When you are doing a skin care routine you must buy a moisturizer which has hyaluronic acid in it. This will help your skin get proper hydration and prevent early signs of ageing.

Facial oil or serum

This is an important step, which is skipped by most of us because we lead a hectic schedule. However, to provide nutrition to the skin and keep it soft and supple you must use either serum or facial oil based on your skin type. CBD oil is a light weight oil and can be used by all skin types.