Top Tips for Installing an AC Conditioner

The summer season can arrive quickly so it is important to plan for installing an air conditioner when winter winds down. An air conditioner can be installed in a window or through a wall opening, which is much more straightforward than installing central air conditioning. If you don’t already have central heat in your home, then you will need to install all the ductwork.

Wall or window-mounted air conditioners are a good choice because of their flexibility, ease of use, and affordability. This article will provide some helpful tips and tricks for planning and installing your air conditioner.

Tip 1- Identify the Area you want to cool.

Do you only need to cool one room? A section of a house can be cooled if it has an open floor plan. Take a look at the places you spend the most time in the house. What part of the house was most affected by the heat? You will need to decide which area of the house you want air-conditioned first. You will need to measure this area if air conditioning is already in place. Measure the height of the ceilings and the area to calculate how many cubic feet of air you will need to move. It is also important to measure the area of any window openings where the air conditioner may be installed.

Tip 2 – Take into consideration the Egress

For egress, you’ll need another window (or door) if you install an air conditioner in your bedroom.

TIP 3 – How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Needs

Once you have the cubic feet measurement, of the air that needs to be cooled you can take it to the appliance shop to get the BTUs needed to cool the area. Consider adding a wall opening to accommodate the air conditioner if it is too large. If the room is a standard-sized one, it shouldn’t be an issue. But if the area you need to cool is larger than the opening can allow for, this could pose a problem. Even if your windows are small, it could cause problems.

TIP 4 – Expanding Wall Opening

Expanding a window opening can be a good option if you are looking to increase the wall opening. If you have some basic skills in carpentry or masonry, this project can be completed DIY.

You will need to measure the opening’s area, and then add the space required for the new framework. Take out the old frame and window. You can also chisel away the bricks. You will need to replace half of the bricks you have taken with bricks that are cut in half. After the mortar dries properly, place the half-bricks in the opening.

Tips 5 – Materials and Tools You Will Need for Your Job

You will need a level, waterproof, foam stripping, and measuring tape.

Tip 6 Basic Steps to Installing Air Conditioners

First, install the mounting brackets. Make sure to read the directions carefully.

Next, slide your air conditioner into the opening. Attach it to the brackets as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If your window is mounted, lower the window onto the top of the unit.

Now take the extensions out and attach them to your window or opening frame.

Never use pieces of wood or other loose materials to level your air conditioner. Mount the shims to level the opening.

Tip 7- Sealing

Apply the foam to the air conditioner provided by the manufacturer. Then, caulk the exterior of the conditioner.

Tip 8- Final steps

If your air conditioner includes one, connect it to the drain hose. Now, you can plug in your air conditioner and begin enjoying its comforts.

You should not attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself. Choose BAC Services for AC installation at your place