How Do I Clear A Blocked Drain?

What caused your blocked drain to blockage? This will affect how you can clear it. There are many home remedies available. You might need to experiment with them all before calling for a Wilco Plumbing plumber.

Boiling The Water

Boiling is an effective way to get rid of blocked drains that are caused by grease, conditioner and other types of toiletries. This is because these substances are low in melting point and can be broken down by extreme heat. To remove the blockage, heat a kettle of water and pour it down the drain.

Natural Cleaners

You can also use natural cleaners to make drain blockages disappear. Hot water can be poured down the drain. Next, you should add 1 cup of bicarbonate and 1 cup of vinegar. Allow it to sit for ten more minutes before pouring hot water over it. Combining hot water with the natural cleaner combination can remove blockages.

Caustic Cleaners

Caustic cleaners may be sold at some stores that can take more severe action against drain obstructions. It dissolves fats, grease, and oils making it suitable for more difficult blockages. Always read the instructions and ventilate your room before using the product.


Plungers, a simple and effective tool for removing local blockages, can be used. They create a plug around the hole and then use a vacuum effect to clear the obstruction.

DIY Drainage Snake

A DIY drain snake can easily be made out of any thin metal wire like a coat hanger. You can attach a hook to one end of the snake to the plughole. To remove hair-clogging blockages, you can use the snake to do so. This technique is most effective in the shower.

Plumbers Drain Snake

Drain snakes for plumbers are specialized tools that only professionals should use. They reach further into the system to clear blockages. These tools are reserved for more complex clogs that ordinary methods cannot tackle.


CCTV can be used when snaking doesn’t work. It will identify the location and extent of the obstruction. This usually involves attaching a camera to the drain snake-like tool. After assessing the severity of the blockage, we create a plan for how to clear it.

Hydro Jet

Hydro jets use high-pressure water to eliminate debris and other substances from pipes. It is possible to use this technique to get rid of all the blockages, but it is reliable.

These Frequently Asked Reasons Why You Should Hire A Plumber

  1. Water Cleanliness

Sometimes water contamination can be caused by problems with the plumbing. You should hire a plumber to inspect the work and make sure the water is safe.

  1. Making Sure Plumbing Codes Are Followed

There are many codes for plumbing that are not obvious to the average person. These codes are only known by professionals who can ensure that the repairs follow them.

  1. Money Saving

DIY repairs are a popular option for those looking to save money. This could result in a substantial increase in your monthly water bills.

  1. The Latest Equipment

Like most technologies, plumbing equipment has experienced major technological advances in the last decade. Because plumbers were the first to adopt the equipment, it is much easier to repair.

  1. Security

DIY plumbing repairs can be dangerous. Hot water could cause injury if it comes in contact with your skin. Professional plumbers are trained to prevent these accidents.

  1. Protecting Your Property

It is possible to cause more damage to the property by trying to repair your plumbing problems yourself. They will take care of any damage that may be caused by you.

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Plumbing can be messy, especially if you are dealing with raw sewage or old pipes. They’ll also clean up any mess that may have occurred to ensure you don’t have any.