Why Should Roof Edge Protection Be Provided?

Roof edge protection must be used to protect roofs from damage, whether they are being inspected, inspected, or used for plant accessibility or work at height.

What Is Roof Edge Protection?

The roof edge protection prevents falls from great heights and injuries. Forms are applied around the perimeter of a roof to protect it from damage caused by falling materials or people.

When working at height is not possible, roofing guardrail systems keep people and materials from falling off the edge.

When Should You Use a Roof Edge Protector?

Because of the height involved, every roofing job is considered high-risk. No matter how long the roof is to be installed, it must be done with the necessary safeguards.

When roofing work cannot be avoided, roof edge protection ensures that no one falls over the edge.

Roof edge protection should not be quantified. When roof access is available or roof work is in progress, roof edge protection becomes essential. Because roofs are higher than ground level, falls can result in critical or fatal injuries.

What Kinds of Roof Edge Protection Are There?

Roof edge protection comes in a variety of styles. Certain roof edge protector options have distinct advantages depending on how they are used and how long it takes.


Scaffolding is commonly used as roof edge safety to keep workers from falling. It is not a long-term solution and should not be used by construction workers.

Roof Handrails that are fixed

Handrails facilitate compliance while also providing excellent safety options. They are more durable and strong than scaffolding.

Handrails should be mounted on a level surface.

Roof Protector that stands alone

Roof protector systems that are self-supporting and freestanding are not the same as scaffolding and fixed handrails.

A cantilever’s simple weight provides strength, stability, and safety. This counterbalanced weigh ensures that the system can withstand moderate winds while remaining upright in inclement weather and can withstand the impact of a body colliding in an accident.

Roof guardrails improve the appearance of a building. Roof guardrails are available in free-standing models that are designed to blend in with the surroundings. For architects or clients who do not want handrails visible from the ground, a collapsible option is also available. These can then be easily raised by maintenance personnel prior to the start of roof work.

This guardrail system is intended to last for many years on roofs in all sectors.

These guardrails are useful in areas where roofs are frequently used, such as factories or healthcare facilities. These guardrails can be installed freestanding on building roofs where access to the roof is required on a regular basis.

Roof safety certification

Roof guardrails must be compliant with applicable building and manufacturing legislation in order to be used free-standing. Roof edge protection will ensure that you follow all site safety regulations.

Roof edge protection is a critical safety feature that should be considered when installing a roof. When the roof is damaged, it can create dangerous conditions for those inside the car. Edge protection Brisbane can prevent this from happening and ensure that your customers are safe.