Do You Really Need A Dog Bite Attorney?

Although dogs are great companions and can offer endless love and companionship, even the most kind can cause damage to property or injuries. You might need to hire someone to represent you if your dog bites someone or your pet is injured by another dog. Dog bite laws vary from state to state. Local dog bite attorneys can tell you if there is a legal claim.

What Can You Do If Your Dog Causes Me Injury?

There are many options if you are bitten or bitten in the dog’s yard. To begin with, you have the option of filing an insurance claim with dog owners. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover any initial dog bite claims that occur on the insured’s home. Other policies may cover bites that occur outside the home if the dog is not owned or maintained on the property.

A Denver dog bite lawyer can be very helpful in dealing directly with the insurance company.

The dog’s owner/caretaker can be sued for damages. You can file a lawsuit against the owner or caretaker of the dog for damages. As they are experts in dog bite law, they can help you calculate damages and present the best evidence.

Dog Bite Case: Proof of Liability

You will need to consider the laws in your state and the strength of your case. In some states, the “one-bite,” the common law rule that imposes liability, applies to dogs that have bitten people in the past.

A majority of states have statutes that make dog owners liable for their injuries. They only require the injured person to prove that the dog bit them in an area they are legally allowed to.

Neglect laws are two examples of dog bite laws. They state that the owner must protect their pet from any injuries caused by their dog. This includes guests, workers Dog Bite Cases. Common arguments an opposing dog bit attorney might use include the following:

Trespassing: Trespassers are afforded some protection. However, your state’s dog-bite statutes may require that proof be presented that you were actually bitten while being in a legal area. The rules forbid a person from claiming damages for a dog attack that takes place while they are trespassing.

Intimidation: A dog owner may not be liable if their dog bit them.

Comparative Negligence: In some cases, the dog owner may claim you are only partially responsible. If you ignore warnings from the owner regarding your dog, you may be less able to recover damages.

An experienced dog bite attorney will know what arguments opposing dog bite attorneys may use against you and how to discredit them.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

The consequences can be serious, regardless of whether you’re filing a lawsuit against a dog biter or defending against one. Depending on the jurisdiction, awards can be made for medical bills or lost income, pain and discomfort, and punitive and punitive damages. It can be difficult for you to identify which laws, damages, as well as defenses apply to your situation. You should contact an expert to assist you with any lawsuit regarding injuries sustained by dogs.