Which Parts You Should Check in A Car Before Making the Purchase?

Any new car will look clean and presentable at first sight. Instead of going just by the outer appearance, you need to check its parts too. There are a few most vulnerable parts in the car that you need to inspect before buying it. This will help in preventing any chances of damage. Not many people have knowledge about these parts.

So, this article will tell you about all of those highly vulnerable parts prone to damage.

The bumper present in the front

The bumpers are the first thing to be noted when evaluating the car. A collision with other vehicles due to distracted driving can cause damage to it. Find out if it has been caused any damage in the car.

Checking the color of the bumper will let you know about its damage. If you find the bumper of the car has got a different color than the rest of the body, then it is an indication of a replacement or repair.

Another way to check about the repair or replacement in the bumper is by checking the freshness of the color and the surface texture.

If you find that the color is new than the color of the rest of the car’s body, or the surface of the bumper is rough than other parts of the body, then it indicates a replacement or repair of the bumper. https://www.arclightfab.com/shop/f100-parts-kits/body is one of the best places to get original and authentic body parts of Ford F100 car model.

The Fender

Now, the second most vulnerable part of the car in our list is the fender. Though bumper and fender is not the same thing, many people mistake by thinking that they are same. Fender as well as bumper is meant for protection of the vehicle. Where the bumper safeguards the rear and front of your car, the fender safeguards the wheel-well.

Again, color is one of the things that can easily help in determining the difference between a new or replaced/damaged fender. If you find that the paint of your car seems to be newer as compared to the remaining areas of the body, and not in shape, then it indicates that the car was involved in a miserable accident that had warranted a repainting, re-straightening or a replacement too.

The front grille and the front panel

Front grills are one of the areas in the car that are highly susceptible to accidents. So, it requires you to carefully check each and every area of the grill and front panel to find any signs of accidents. A grill that has got repaired or replaced will have scrapes on it. The area will have a funny shape instead of a symmetrical shape. This is a major indication of a serious crash.


Don’t let the outer glam and gleam of the car fool you. Taking a note of the quality of these parts will give you a sense of assurance that you are buying the right car. It also ensures you of a safer and pleasant drive.