Self-Storage Advice and Tips to Do Things Right

Long and short-term self-storage option allows to store your belongings during transition or just to free some space. The challenging part is how to pack and store correctly inside the unit. To optimize your storage and keep your belongings safe there may be a few extra steps, you will need to take.

Reliable and trustworthy storage company

If you are moving to another city or abroad, then choose an experienced and reliable moving & storage company. Both your moving and storage needs will be taken care of. A company like Brooks in Virginia has a proven track record of 141 years, so this is the kind of reliability to look for.

As your household belongings will be handled and stored in a third-party facility, trust is a key factor. Therefore, go for trustworthiness rather than cheap rates.

Last minute search is bad

The storage unit has to be chosen on the basis of several factors like convenience, size, and price. If you wait for the last minute to book a unit, then there will hardly be time to do necessary research and will have to compromise with either size, price or convenience. So, start your search early to avoid hasty decision.


First sort the items you will need to take along, so that you get an idea of the storage unit size to book. In this way, you will be able to organize the unit properly.


Label the boxes

The packed item that will be stored in the unit may not be needed for several months or years. Even if you have a great memory, it is easy to forget in which boxes the kitchen or sports equipment got packed. Labelling the boxes will make unpacking easy and useful if you desire to grab something after a few months.

Pack strategically

The items that you think will be needed at a point needs to be stored in the front. Things you can live without can be placed in the back. Rather than piling everything across the bottom, stack items on top of one another. Keep heavy packages on the ground. If possible, leave a pathway to the back, so that you can access every item.

Pack and wrap properly

Cover the furniture with moving pads or blankets. Avoid plastic because it can trap moisture causing the growth of mould and moisture. Small items must be boxed. Fragile things will need proper packing to ensure it doesn’t move in the transit or while storing.

Purchase storage insurance

If your homeowners or renter’s insurance coverage does not cover personal storage property then purchase one. You gain peace of mind with an extra protection, especially you will not be taking care of the storage unit holding your belongings.

Top tips

  • Never store perishable and valuable goods in the storage units.
  • Never share access key or code with strangers.
  • Purchase a sturdy lock.
  • Ask for help, if necessary because storage move can be hard to handle on your own.

With the above tips and advice have a great storage experience!