3 Things to Consider when Shopping for Commercial Floor Matts

Ultimate mats have many mats, carpets, or other flooring options that can be used for commercial establishments. No matter how large or small your building is, what traffic it receives every day, or what weather conditions you may face, commercial mats can provide a solution to make your workplace safer and more attractive.

However, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a floor mat and how to best use it. We offer free consultations with expert flooring experts who will help you assess your needs and then make smart choices to suit your budget. These three factors will help you choose the right product for your flooring.

The most important decision is about where the mat will go. You will need to decide if it should be outside or inside. Will it be located at the entrance of your facility or in areas where specialized mats may be required, such as gyms, clean rooms, and salons? These questions will dictate the matting material that you should choose. Most facilities invest in both outdoor and indoor matting. To protect against dirt, moisture, and debris, it is possible to combine indoor “carpet” or “scraper” matting with outdoor mats.

The types of weather-related hazards that could cause slips and falls accidents or flooring damage can be different between facilities in Arizona’s dry deserts. A unique type of mat is needed in each environment, which is why many businesses purchase mats that are different for use in different seasons.

Traffic Flow

Indoor mats need to be designed according to how much foot traffic is seen in the area each day. A simple carpet mat can be sufficient for small businesses. A recessed grill system will be safer and more effective for highly trafficked areas such as malls and transportation hubs.

Top Floor Mats for Retailers

While shopping online has grown in popularity over recent years, brick-and-mortar shops have survived, even in the face of an international pandemic. Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular, but many shoppers still prefer to walk the aisles and get help from a human being when shopping. As much as they may love to shop at retail establishments, many will steer clear of those that are unkempt and unattractive. The same goes for retail workers who are not comfortable or insecure at work.

It is said that retail is all in the details. Although it may seem small in relation to other elements, floormats can make a big difference for customers and employees. Ultimate Mat and Floor Products help retail establishments create safe and welcoming spaces from the front door all the way to the back.

Here are the top-selling mats that our retail customers order from us.

Entrance mats

The entrance mat makes a great impression and helps keep dirt, water, and other substances away from your store. Highly trafficked areas will appreciate entrance mats made of rubber, Cocoa all-natural, and Berber materials. Waterhog floormats and highly textured mats of carpet may be sufficient for moderately busy entrances.

Recessed Recessed flooring mats allow dirt, dust, or other debris to be deposited on the floor. They are especially beneficial for retail shops that receive a lot of traffic each day due to the large number of customers who frequent these locations. These entrance systems often combine aluminum, steel, carpet/acrylic and are constructed of a mixture.