The Best Educational Family Games for Kids

Kids with trouble studying on paper and pencil would benefit greatly from educational jigsaw puzzles.

According to the education firm, a growing body of research demonstrates that game-based learning fosters engaging dynamics that motivate students to gain competencies and skills while participating in gaming activities like jigsaw puzzles.

No matter the subject, educational children’s jigsaw puzzles foster a passion for learning in your child. Whether you are learning at home, online, or in a conventional classroom, you can help yourself grow better with our wooden puzzles for kids.

The top topical educational jigsaw wooden puzzles for kids are listed here, which you cannot find in Amazon wooden puzzles! Are you drawn to jigsaw puzzle games with a certain theme? Locate one below, then jump to it.

Vocabulary puzzles  

For K–12 students, this wooden art puzzle is an additional reading tool that will aid in spelling and grammatical development for students of all ages.

Additionally, it aids with language retention and reading comprehension development.

Try out over 40 best wooden puzzles with word lists already filled in. Additionally, it offers the 2022 most recent dictionary entries. Your child now has access to the whole vocabulary through activities for homework, personalized list puzzles, and more.

Art games

Let’s begin with the arts! Individual art puzzle With the aid of puzzles, embark on a trip through the worlds of art, creativity, and visual learning. Start your youngster off with a wooden art puzzle and walk them through these four fundamental art lessons:

  • With art as a language
  • message in art
  • Lines
  • Shapes

Engaging art puzzles for creativity are available to promote problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Art-related puzzles from galleries  

Including jigsaw puzzles from the family’s renowned art galleries in Cornwall, Liverpool, and London. Children may play this jigsaw puzzle game geared toward children, assist children with their art assignments, and share their masterpieces with friends and family!

You may make your art of jigsaw puzzles on a website in addition to completing entertaining jigsaw puzzles and saving renowned artwork in them.

Any artistic discipline your child is involved in will find the puzzles in art galleries stimulating, instructive, and creative.

Math puzzles  

Over 100 students, instructors, and parents worldwide utilize Arithmetic Jigsaw Puzzles to help youngsters with creative math puzzles that are addicting and educational.

It gives information on the most significant arithmetic challenges while adhering to the curriculum. Above all, our goal is to foster a love of learning among all students worldwide.

Like any other puzzle-like game, engage in a math war to uncover the puzzle pieces once your child develops their arithmetic puzzle. You must solve “puzzles” with mathematical problems to win. Additionally, puzzles are catered to your child’s learning style and grade level, assisting in developing critical math abilities.

To assist your youngster in advancing and understanding arithmetic in a fun way, make them do math jigsaw puzzles.

Learning Games for Kids: Health and Physical Education

1. human body puzzle:

Children should become familiar with their bodies at a young age when it comes to health to maintain good health. Despite being a well-known wooden puzzle for kids, it is enjoyable since it has 36 health-related puzzles in 4 categories.

Your health can be controlled. Playing these puzzles will introduce you to new ideas and help you reinforce what you’ve learned about the human body and well-being in school. Topics covered include body parts, dental hygiene, and staying healthy.  

2. Healthy eating puzzles:

With the use of puzzles, Eat & Move Puzzles hopes to inspire young people to adopt and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kids use various grocery lists from their collections to solve puzzles and match photos. Children will learn how long it takes to burn off the calories in a food from the puzzle, depending on the food and activity combination they select from the box and solve. For instance, playing a physically demanding video game for 4 minutes will result in burning 7.2 calories for every minute you consume a medium-sized, 27-calorie banana.

Kids will rediscover their favorite meals and learn healthy “pro tips” for solving puzzles with the help of 80 delicacies and 35 healthy activities.

3. Science puzzles:

Three words best describe scientific puzzles: play, create, and learn. Children may discover the unbelievable and hidden mysteries of the globe with educational puzzles for creative and curious minds!

While completing instructional puzzles on the 118 elements of the periodic table as well as puzzles involving people, plants, houses, weather, space, and animals, you may develop fundamental science abilities.

4. Periodic Table Jigsaw Puzzle:

Children will learn about all 118 elements from the periodic table as they complete the jigsaw puzzles in Elements, which introduces them to the fascinating world of science.

5. Social studies jigsaw puzzle:

Social studies puzzles may be used to learn geographic, cultural, and political information about each nation. Depending on how your child wishes to investigate and learn about each issue, pick from several ways and ideas.

6. Jigsaw puzzles from history:

Consider purchasing historical jigsaw puzzles if your youngster enjoys mysteries, history, and compelling stories. These educational games blend interesting historical information with archaeology and global cultures.

As soon as possible, your kid will start a path of identification and connection that encourages inquiry, self-expression, and self-directed learning while teaching actual history through puzzle pieces.

7. Ancient Egypt Puzzles:  

You and your child will learn what it’s like to be a mystery in ancient Egypt, uncovering layers underlying masterpieces from the Renaissance.

Use these jigsaw puzzles to put these pieces together at home or while taking a stroll around the park to create life-size, lifelike objects. Then, decode and unravel the puzzles, put them together, and develop into an adventurer. It can also shed light on some of human history’s biggest mysteries. 

8. Civilizations puzzle:

These puzzle games and adventures are great for introducing kids to ancient civilizations and cultures. As you match puzzle pieces, you’ll be lured into the histories of 14 other civilizations by the vivid colors and high-quality photographs.

9. geographic puzzles:

The youngster initially selects which region of the planet to solve before moving on to six other types of problems.

The globe in terms of geography, physical systems, human systems, environment, society, and the usage of spatial words.


Are you prepared to see how educational puzzle games affect your children?

It’s okay to limit gamification in education to the classroom.

Gamification in education requirements should not be limited to the classroom. For example, playing physical, educational wooden puzzles for kids while urging your child to spend less time in front of a computer helps them develop both lifetime learning abilities and academic proficiency.