Gift Ideas for Difficult Times

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, an illness, or just a difficult time, you want to show your friend or family member that you care.

Bereavement Gifts

When your friend or family member has lost a person or pet that was dear to them a way to commemorate their loved one’s memory is to give a personalized gift with the departed’s name on it. This can take many forms, from customized bracelets to bird feeders, and from plaques to candle holders. There are many choices available which means you can find a gift that suits the bereaved best and find something meaningful and useful that they can enjoy every day.

Another way to celebrate their memory is to make a donation, plant a tree, or dedicate an object on their behalf. This will be a good idea if the bereaved does not want to receive gifts themselves. Another useful gesture would be to donate a day of leave. You can work with your HR department or with their employer and see if you can donate one of your vacation days so they have more time before they have to return to work.

Chronic Illness Gifts

For those going through a chronic illness gifts like air purifiers, cozy blankets, warm slippers, and massage or healing appointment gift certificates are all some ideas to consider.

Perhaps most valuable is the gift of time. Spending time with them, offering to drive to appointments, make meals, clean the house, walk the animals, send a card with an inspiring quote, or bringing fresh flowers and a movie to watch together, are all examples of where you can give the most important gift of yourself to those going through a difficult time. Gift cards to help pay for utilities, groceries, and other bills are very valuable as well since most of their money will be going to medical costs.

Inspirational Gifts

When your special someone needs a little extra boost to get them out of a slump there are plenty of inspirational gifts you can give to help lift their mood. Pencils with encouraging thoughts, inspirational quotes on coffee mugs or decor that they can put in their office, or a mindfulness journal are all great ideas for just such an occasion.

You could also gift them with self care items like customized bracelets with positive affirmations, a yoga class certificate, a gift card to a spa, or a monthly delivery service so they have something to look forward to. No matter what you chose to give your loved one, they will feel loved, and that is the most important gift of all.